IT Administrator – Job Description

IT administrator jobs are rarely in short supply thanks to a new rule of thumb in the workplace these days – for every 50 employees you’ll find one IT administrator.

The job is a varied one. You’ll be helping people set up user accounts and working on back-up and security issues one day and looking into (and hopefully diagnosing) network problems the next.

New IT packages will need to configured and installed and you’ll also be working as a company’s eyes and ears when checking on employees’ internet and email usage.

Problem-solving and excellent communication, time-management and organisational skills are a given.

To catch an employer’s eye, you’ll either need plenty of previous experience in the role or have a degree in IT, computer science/engineering or information system management.

Experience or a qualification in the relevant IT system is also vital. Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco are the main players in this field, so you’re going to need to show you’re comfortable working with their products.

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Other recommended resources:

British Computer Society (BCS)
Offering a chartered status for IT professionals, the BCS provides a number of qualifications towards continuing professional development. They also strongly support exchange of knowledge and expertise, and membership can get you access to this community of information.

Institute for the Management of Information Systems
Involved in information and research development to support IT professionals, the IMIS also offer a strong education network with links to universities and regarded qualification programmes that cover the spectrum, from providing a foot in the door to continuing professional development.

IEEE Computer Society
A division of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Computer Society provides access to a wealth of information developed through knowledge exchange and research allowing you to keep abreast of latest trends and developments. They also offer some training in addition to networking opportunities through conferences.

Cisco Networking Academy
Providing certification qualifications at a number of levels for students up to network professionals, Cisco’s Networking Academy portal is great for assessing what training is right for you and how to get involved.

The UK Sector Skills Council for IT, connecting you with the training and qualifications you need to get ahead in the industry.

National Skills Academy for IT
A portal to short and long courses, apprenticeship schemes and information about careers, standards and systems. Great for figuring out if it administration is the job for you and how you can get there.

Tech Republic
A blog resource aimed at connecting IT professionals with the latest news, trends and developments in the IT world allowing executives to make informed decisions and, for anyone interested in getting into the job, evidence of industry awareness.

Information Week
A digital magazine bringing the latest in IT news relevant to business and enterprise, offering IT professionals the opportunity to pick out the top new developments that could help the company they work within.

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