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UI/UX/Web designers are at the cutting edge of the design world, working as they do on the ever-changing monster that is the internet.

Web designers create, you guessed it, websites.

UI and UX web designers are often confused with each other and, while their roles do overlap, there is a key difference. As an example, if a mobile phone app were being created, a UI (user interface) designer would concentrate on how the app works and is used, while a UX (user experience) designer would work on the app’s look and content.

All three jobs require technical expertise, with a knowledge of computer languages such as JavaScript, html and CSS. Liaising with clients is a big part of the job, so good people skills and the ability to listen to client demands and explain sometimes-complex technical matters are also important.

Creation is at the heart of all three jobs, but so is honing that creativity, so expect to have to create different samples/versions and then receive feedback about them. Technical designers often have to work as part of a team and to deadline.

Many designers are one-man bands or work as freelancers, but larger companies also have in-house web teams and tend to look for graduates with a relevant degree in IT or computer science. Building up a personal portfolio of web or app work is also a great way to turn heads.

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Other recommended resources:

User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA UK)
Dedicated to supporting and promoting the role of UX designers, UXPA also provide access to training courses, useful industry information and key networking events to enhance career development and progression.

Interaction Design Association (IXDA)
Aimed at those involved in UI design, IXDA offers free membership to discussions, local groups and a number of information resources to help keep you up-to-date in your field and broaden your horizons across others.

Chartered Institute for IT (BCS)
A chartered mark for web professionals is the final goal on a wide-reaching trail of continuing professional development for those at any level in the internet world that is available through the BCS.

UK Web Design Association
Bringing together the web design professionals of the UK, the UKWDA promotes knowledge exchange and sharing best practice and techniques. Basic membership is free and gets you access to a wide range of discounts and support.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The international standards organisation for what we see as the web, including how the web works and the language for web design. Their website offers a wealth of information to keep yourself updated on the latest practices and new developments.

British Interactive Media Association
The BIMA support and promote the digital industry in the UK – the world in which many web designers work. They host a blog providing the latest news and information and organise a wide range of events from school days to networking events and awards ceremonies.

IEEE Computer Society
A central community for everything computer – including all aspects of web design. If you are involved in design, or want to get involved in it, but still have a passion for all things cyber then this is the place for you. Keeping you updated on the latest trends and developments as well as offering certification, training and research publications.

The UK Sector Skills Council for IT, connecting you with the training and qualifications you need to get ahead in the industry.

Get Into Design
Is it the design aspect of the job that jumps out at you most? Get Into Design can help link you with the career path you need to train and aim for to get where you want to be. They offer loads of information and guidance to help you set yourself up in the design industry.

Web Designer Magazine
A digital magazine resource offering up-to-date news, information and trends in web design helping you to stay at the cutting edge.

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