Trainee Welder - No experience Manchester, Lancashire

Trainee Welder - No experience

Welders are in high demand across a wide range of industries.
Welding is used largely in the manufacturing sector but the skill has practical applications in many other industries including ship building, car making, engineering, construction and many more. Welding is a skill that requires experts for its durability and safety reasons and cannot be performed by untrained people.

The welding course is performed through a combination of theory and practical training and instruction. The student is able to study in his or her own time, which allows you to study at a pace that suits you and also you will be able to continue working in your current job if you are employed.

During the whole time that you are enrolled on the course you will be able to speak with instructors to ask questions when you need help and they will be available to you via email, phone and a dedicated student intranet.

Opportunities for welders are considerable due to them being an integral part of many different industries. Some industries that consistently require welders are shipbuilding, manufacturing, engineering, car making, construction and many more.

The welding course is aligned to the Weldability-Sif Foundation and the TWI Intermediate & Advanced Level Welding progression pathway. The qualifications provide a thorough grounding in welding principles and technologies and result in a number of valuable qualifications. You will be working towards these qualifications:

Level 1 & 2 modules for theory:

* City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Oxy-Acetylene Welding

* City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Metal Inert Gas Welding

* City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Metal Arc Welding

* City & Guilds level 2 Diploma in Engineering - Fabrication and Welding Technology

* City & Guilds level 2 Award in Welding Skills Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

* City & Guilds level 2 Award in Welding Skills Manual Metal Arc Welding

Being self-employed is a real opportunity for welders as there are many contract jobs available and therefore this allows the welder to have the flexibility to work when they want and also to charge more for the time they do work.

A welder with experience can progress within the industry to welding technicians, engineer and inspector roles amongst others. There are opportunities with more advanced high-tech technology methods such as robot welding and electron beams.

Welding skills are easily transferable across different industries so if you start in one industry you can move to another - welding is even done in space!

* Must be 18 or over

Please note that this is a training course and fees apply, a representative will contact you to discuss details of the course and fees and make you aware of any funding options that are available to you. We offer easy payment options to help you spread the cost of the course and to start your course straight away from as little as £30 per week