Book a free Video Interview
and add it to your Resume

Book a free Video Interview and add it to your Resume

Would you like a free informal personal video interview
to add to your profile?

As a potential job candidate, you are likely interested in any method to successfully promote your skills and make you irresistible in the eyes of employers. If you’ve used Video Recruit to showcase your personal CV, you likely realize the potential of our services. However, if you aren’t using our free video interview services then you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity to draw attention to your skills. Consider the following benefits of doing so.

Why Add a Free Informal Video Interview to Your Profile?

To eliminate nerves and prepare yourself for a professional interview. Our experts will walk you through a series of general questions to put you at ease and prepare you for the real thing. Each interview lasts anywhere from 3-15 minutes.

To familiarise yourself with speaking on camera.

Video interviews involve unique skill-sets, and we can help you present yourself and your resume in the best possible light with our free informal video interview.

To capture the attention of interested employers.

What better way is there to show your determination and professionalism than with a powerful video interview? Employers will automatically be drawn to your profile because they can catch a glimpse of your personality and professionalism through it.

To maximise your potential.

If you’re passionate about your skills and are eager to land the career of your dreams, then you need to maximize every possible method to do so. Our free informal videos bring out the best in you and provide the best possible chance to book a real interview with potential employers.

Our informal videos are conducted by our team of professional online video interviewers. They will work with you to help you feel relaxed and natural on camera, and also ask direct questions that specifically relate to your career field. With their help, you can present yourself in the best possible manner and create a stunning video that benefits your profile.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our powerful FREE video service and book an interview slot with us today using the form above!

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