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Are you curious about whether or not you really need a company recruitment video? Are you unsure about whether or not it can actually assist you in achieving the results you are after? To learn more about what videos can do for your business, let’s consider just a few of the benefits other companies have experienced from adding a company recruitment video to their profile.

Benefits of Videos

Video has the power to hold the attention of job seekers much longer than text based job ads. That’s not hyperbole, its fact. In a world powered by technology the average adult now has an attention span of just 3 seconds. If you want to capture your audience’s attention in those 3 seconds you need to use video job listings.

In addition to keeping people locked on your listing, a company recruitment video will also give them greater insight into your organization and what it is that you do. By listing your mission, values and expectations you eliminate time wasters and capture the attention of genuinely interested recruits.

Another advantage to video job listings is their timelessness. You can create a single video and use it for years to recruit new candidates. That makes video not only powerful but also a huge money-saver. By producing a high quality video you can stand out from your competition and entice the best possible candidate for your company. After all, people are your greatest asset, and the quality of your team makes or breaks the level of customer service your clients receive.

And finally, video job listings will showcase your strengths as a company which will create more business down the line.

Discover the power of video and what it can do for your company by choosing LoveMondays. You’ll be amazed by their innovative services and customized tools that allow you to choose precisely how your company looks to the rest of the world.

What We Offer...

LoveMondays Film Production Service produces fantastic high definition Videos that portray your company in the best possible light.

Every company is different and we are passionate about making high definition films portray your company to attract the best possible candidates.

LoveMondays has enlisted a film crew to capture your company in full, stunning High Definition. The production crew will then edit all the footage, with an appropriate soundtrack to give you the perfect showreel to entice your new recruits.

We create high quality, high definition, bespoke films that are tailored to your company and underpin your brand.


Standard Package

1/2 day shoot, 1 day edit.

(No Interviews)


Bonus Package

1 day shoot, 2 day edit.

(With Interviews)


Premium Package

2 day shoot, 4 day edit.

(With Interviews)


What’s Included in the Production Packages?

On the Shoot:

  • 1 or 2 man crew; Cameraman and sound operator (or production assistant) to be available all day (8hour day) to film around the venue capturing the key selling points, as advised by the client.
  • High Definition Camera equipment
  • Full lighting equipment
  • Sound recording
  • We create high quality, high definition, bespoke films that are tailored to your company and underpin your brand.

Post-Production Editing:

  • Edit suite hire
  • Film editor - overseen by director
  • Royalty free music, with option of bespoke music production (on higher value packages)
  • Colour Grading, to enhance the colours captured on the shoot, with colour tinting where appropriate to match existing venue marketing collateral; website, brochures etc.
  • Film encoding - ready for uploading to the internet; YouTube etc.
  • Master backup version
  • Optional DVD production/duplication
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