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UI/UX/Web Designer – Career Advice

UI/UX/Web designers are at the cutting edge of the design world, working as they do on the ever-changing monster that is the internet.

Web designers create, you guessed it, websites. Read more…

Advice on becoming an Operations Manager

Advice on becoming an Operations Manager

Operations managers ensure a business runs as smoothly as possible from day to day.

Their work revolves around recognising and implementing methods to boost efficiency and productivity and duties include responsibility for a company’s logistics, employee supervision, preparing budgets, improving working environments and reviewing client and customer relationships/satisfaction.

A good operations manager creates an environment where teamwork, creativity and energy are valued and nurtured, so excellent communication, decision-making and leadership skills are a must.

Read more…

HR Consultant – Career Advice

HR Consultant

HR consultants usually work for recruitment agencies and their work involves a mix of sales and match-making.

HR consultants will cold call firms looking for new business, maintain good relationships with existing clients, interview and evaluate job seekers, match candidates with vacancies, negotiate fees, keep all recruitment records up to date and meet targets set for new business brought in and vacancies filled. Read more…

Plumber – Job Description

Plumbers enjoy a good deal of variety in their day-to-day work. One day they’ll be fixing a leaky pipe, the next they’re fitting a central heating system or installing air-conditioning.

They are not necessarily restricted to domestic call-outs – plumbers are always needed on big, commercial construction sites. Read more…

Advice on becoming an IT Executive

IT Executive Advice

IT executives are responsible for all things technological in a company, from the development all the way through to the administration of a firm’s IT systems.

Typical responsibilities include ensuring that IT products and services are delivered on time and within budget, researching new systems and managing the upgrading of existing ones, managing the company’s various IT departments (support, database etc), overseeing all IT staffing issues from hiring to training to performance appraisal and negotiating with external suppliers/vendors. Read more…

IT Support – Job Description

IT support workers, contrary to popular belief, don’t spend their time sighing and asking whether you’ve actually turned your computer on.

The job does involve plenty of customer/user support, so patience, problem-solving and people skills are important. But much of the work revolves around installing and configuring systems and networks and discovering trends and underlying issues that can help you diagnose and solve hardware and software problems. Read more…

Advice on becoming a Bank Cashier

Bank cashiers are the face of a bank and its first point of contact. As a result, good people skills and a polite, friendly and open manner are great attributes to have.

Basic banking tasks such as cheque-cashing, money transfers, statement checks and payment processing are the job’s bread and butter. But there is also a sales element to a cashier’s work, so you’ll be expected to react quickly and recognise possible sales leads when talking to customers. Read more…

Software Developer – Job Description

Software developers might get to work on the creation of an entirely new system, but more often than not they’ll be required to modify or re-work ‘off the shelf’ software, writing code that can link previously incompatible systems.

Responsibilities include providing code and cost proposals for system work, liaising with designers and analysts, pre-launch system testing, preparing training manuals and working on the maintenance of a system once it’s live. Read more…

Advice on becoming a Commercial Manager

Commercial Manager

Commercial managers live in a world of contracts, procedures and policies, overseeing a company’s commercial needs and taking care of daily business issues.

It’s a job where a knack of dealing with people sits alongside legal expertise, where the devil is in the detail and a commitment to agreed standards is king. Read more…

Bar Manager – Job Description

Bar managers work in one of the ultimate people jobs – you’ll have daily contact with both your customers and your staff and, if you’re good at it, you’ll be seeing a lot of the former.

The front-of-house work is the most demanding and rewarding, but there’s always plenty of backroom work as well. From stock resupply to staff rotas, recruiting and training new workers to running promotions and advertising your bar, your work will never be done. Read more…

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