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All posts in Logistics and Transportation

Warehouse Logistics Manager – Job Description

Love Mondays - Warehouse Logistics Manager

Warehouse logistics managers are responsible for the smooth running of the most important link in the supply chain. It’s a black and white job – if the warehouse isn’t running smoothly, then the whole supply process will be out of kilter.

As well as ensuring a warehouse is working as efficiently as possible, managers will be responsible for processing and organising the dispatch of orders, making sure stock is properly and safely stored, working out shift schedules and time-sheets, maintaining an environment where health and safety is properly observed and keeping an accurate record of the whole warehousing process. Read more…

Operations Manager – Job Description

An operations manager ensures a business runs as smoothly as possible from day to day.

Their work revolves around recognising and implementing methods to boost efficiency and productivity and duties include responsibility for a company’s logistics, employee supervision, preparing budgets, improving working environments and reviewing client and customer relationships/satisfaction. Read more…

Lorry Driver – Career Advice

Love Mondays - Lorry Driver

Lorry drivers…guess what? Yep, they drive lorries.  At home and abroad, often across vast distances and over long periods. It’s a job that requires concentration, excellent time-management skills and even in today’s world of sat-navs, a good sense of direction.

You’ll be responsible for goods being safely secured as well as safely delivered and on time. You’ll also be expected to keep your lorry in excellent working order and help with loading and unloading. Read more…