Research Scientist – Job Description

Research scientists work in every area of scientific study, from chemistry through biology to medicine and maths – and everywhere in between, but what qualifications to be a research scientist?

The work is all about researching, conducting and analysing scientific experiments.

Specific disciplines will require different work requirements, but general duties will normally include working on and building up research proposals, creating, proposing and conducting experiments, analysing the results of those experiments, developing any products that might result and applying for grants to fund new or existing research projects.

A strong academic background is vital, and you’ll also need to be good at time and people management, an organised problem-solver who can show initiative while working within a team and who can communicate well with fellow scientists as well as with more hard-nosed business people.

The least that will be expected of you if you want a job in this field is a relevant degree. Those who’ve studied biochemistry, biomedical science, pharmacology, microbiology, ecology or the natural sciences are especially sought after, as is anyone who’s gained some extra experience through work placements.

A PhD is vital if you want a more senior role.

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Other recommended resources:

Arts and Humanities Research Council
A research council providing access to and funding for research into the arts and humanities, including subjects such as law, archaeology and cultural studies.

Biotechnology and Biological Services Research Council
A research council funding all sorts of bioscience activity across the UK ranging from Food Research to Genome Analysis. They also offer some postgraduate studentships for those interested in continuing an education in the biosciences.

British Science Association
A historic British institution aimed at promoting and improving access to the sciences.

Chartered Scientists
A professional chartered mark for scientists of all fields in the UK.

Economic and Social Research Council
A government council offering funding and support for research and training work in social and economic issues, including postgraduate degrees.

An organisation promoting engineering in the UK that also works in partnership with a number of institutions to provide pathways into the profession.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
A research council providing funding and grants for research and training in Engineering and the Physical Sciences, which includes areas such as maths, physics, computer science and chemistry.

Medical Research Council
The UK’s main agency for promoting medical advancements through funding for research and access to postgraduate training.

National Institute for Medical Research
The largest research body funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) based in Central London. They specialise in genetics, immunology and neuroscience.

National Physical Laboratory
The UK’s largest applied physics institution with state of the art equipment aimed at advancing scientific measurement.

Natural Environment Research Council
A UK council for funding and managing research, training and discussion in all matters of the environment.

A database of UK postgraduate courses and information on access to funding and bursaries to continue your education.

The Royal Society
A fellowship of the world’s leading scientists in all areas of research aimed at promoting and supporting excellence.

Science & Technology Facilities Council
A UK research council both funding and carrying out research in fields such as physics, space science and astronomy.

The Tyndall Centre
A UK organisation dedicated to climate change research and sustainable development.

The Wellcome Trust
An independent charity concerned with improving human and animal health through research funding and postgraduate grants.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
The go-to service for applying for university and college courses in the UK, they also provide a wealth of useful information and a database of courses to choose from.

UK Space Agency
The body responsible for the UK’s civil space programme including the International Space Innovation Centre, aimed at improving our understanding of the world beyond.

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