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David JamesAlmondsbury, Avon

Love all aspects of video and graphics and be creative

About Me

I'm a no-nonsense and very experienced cameraman/editor with over 20 years filming on location and equally well suited in post production suite too. I currently work for learnerscloud.com. I'm responsible for studio build, set-ups, green screen, props and

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South Bristol Technical College




• Parts 1, 2

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Video Production


0000 - Present


I am finishing a long term contract with www.learnerscloud.com (e-learning specialists) for nearly three years (contract finishing). My working budget of £350,000 includes responsibilities embracing:n

• studio build/design, spec, cost and equip green screen system(s)
• storyboarding
• concept/format project style
• directing talent and the public
• filming, editing, graphics and animation work
• data back-ups/archiving
• liaise with teachers/lecturer and trainers (planning and shooting)

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