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Dear Sirs / Madams nnI am currently studying a BA/Masters in Game and App Audio with dBs Music in Bristol and I will be finishing my second year in May.nnI have been achieved fantastic grades gaining a mixture of 2.1’s and 1st. The main elements in my course I have taken keen interest in and done extremely well at are audio programming, sound placement and creating, and middleware. I understand and am able to complete field recordings to a high standard and have the ability to edit and master them to a professional standard.nnI am very creative and have a good understand of the games engines Unreal and Unity. I also understand how to use middleware softwares such as Fmod and Wwise. One area I am really excited about is VR gaming and binaural audio, as well as creating audio assets with Pure Data.nnIf you would like to see some of the stuff I have already completed for my course my website link is below. My CV has also been attached.nnhttps://evanssimon996.wordpress.comnnPlease contact me if you would like to know anymore information.nnI look forward to hearing your reply.nnMany thanksnnSimon