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Syl Yumiko Titiboco Ribera Stratford, Greater London

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Dear Sir/ Madam,nnI have a degree on Bsc Biomedical Scientist. The course was base on several work placements where I was trained in Microbiology, where I worked with urine samples and also growing bacteria on petri dish. Also I work in Biochemistry Laboratory using the ELISA, and Southern and Western blotting techniques. Also my training was base on Pathology laboratories where I was truing to use microscopy and detect defected cells. In addition to the lab work, I recorded and analyse data. I work Closely with a team of biomedical scientist and learn to value of good lab practice. I am very reliable and organise, and willing to learn.nnWhile during my course my project was base on Gene therapy. Where I successfully apply my research skill, and maintained the laboratory. I participated in planning experiment as well as evaluating test results. I monitored equipment and maintain schedules; in addition I was responsible for maintaining equipment use and chemicals to a safety standard.nnThank you for your consideration.nnSyl Yumiko Titiboco Ribera

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University of Greenwich




1st Fds Biomedical Science n• Basic Chemistry for live 69%n• Fundamental biology and physiology 58%n• Fundamental of biochemistry 45%n• Introduction to medical science 50%n• Work placement based learning I 63%n2nd Fds Biomedical Science n• Metabolism and Disease 56%n• Intermediate Immunology 56%n• Research and Professional Skills 64%n• Physiology and Pharmacology 52%n• Pathobiology 63%n• Work Placement Based Learning 2 67% n3rd BSc H Biomedical Science n• Cellular and Molecular Pathology 69%n• Project (Life Science) 62%n• Cancer Biology and Therapeutics 40%n• Medical Microbiology 57%n• Medical Biochemistry 43%n• Haematology and blood transfusion 58%

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mw nail

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Duties involve making booking- communication skills, updating clients’ records, working under pressure us it is a busy environment

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