About Us

Astbury Marsden is an award-winning, international recruitment firm focussed on banking, financial services and management consulting.

Our success is based on acquiring a special understanding of the markets in which we operate. We take this in its broadest sense, encompassing understanding and empathy with our clients and candidates, and also a broad knowledge of the working environment.

We are always adding to that knowledge and experience; in the process we are building up a unique picture of all the components of the working lives of our clients and candidates and their world.

The result is that we are more successful at attracting talent, and better able to recognise opportunities for clients.

Ours is a dual customer focus. A shared agenda if you like.

The duality of the client-candidate relationship makes recruitment in the mid to senior-level world of international finance, consulting and strategy more human than one might otherwise think.

It demands more than an appreciation of the skills or experience required to fulfil a role. It is quite unlike the volume recruitment business, which is widely held to be something of a numbers game. We look beyond the idea of recruitment for a post, thinking about how individuals could develop in a role or a team, fulfilling the longer-term needs of the business and the career goals of the individual.

To achieve the necessary understanding, some of our people are drawn from the industries to which we recruit, others have made those industries their particular focus. Our expansion into the Far East adds an international perspective to our work and serves to broaden the outlook and experience of our teams.

Keeping to a particular field means, over time, we have acquired a depth of knowledge and experience, to create a unique understanding of our markets, of the people in them, and 'the life' they lead.

You can read more about our world, and yours in 'life working'.


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