About Us

Juggling work for your existing employer whilst at the same time looking for a new position can be daunting experience. Whether your preference is contracting or permanent work, we at Curtis Reed are here to help.

We can introduce you to our ever-increasing base of clients including Internet start-ups, major consultancies, blue-chip companies, large investment banks and Telcos. Curtis Reed Associates provide a complete service based on quality and professional ethics.


We start off by talking to you to find out more about you, your experience and requirements. We take this opportunity to suggest possible positions and to offer career guidance. This will normally take place as a telephone interview or face-to-face meeting, whichever is more convenient to you.

We will then actively search for positions that match your requirements. You will subsequently be contacted for each available position that matches your requirements, and be presented with as much detail about the position as possible. Assuming the position is of interest, we will then arrange interviews that will hopefully lead to a position being offered.

We will always try to present you with a number of offers so that you can choose the most suitable.


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