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Looking to recruit capable staff in London, Watford or Hertfordshire? As experienced recruitment consultants, we can help!
We don’t just take a job description over the phone – our recruitment consultants meet you at your premises to understand exactly what you are looking for
We don’t waste your time by sending hundreds of CVs – we interview each candidate face-to-face and only send the CVs that really suit the role
7 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Choose Forties People to Place Quality Employees with Your Organisation!

Because this is a family business, with 20 years experience, this means we understand what the term ‘long term relationships’ means to the success of a business and we practice it every minute of every hour of every day!

Because we give a FREE REPLACEMENT* for the first 24 weeks, after we place a new employee with you. Why? Because 93% of the employees that we place stay for at least 12 months and same for 10 years or more!

Because we are a family business we tend to find good, trustworthy people to fill your position. We use our experience to network for candidates which means we are more likely to find the most desirable employees for your organisation.

Because we bank on our own good reputation with every new employee we place with our customers.

Because we attract many mature and reliable candidates who are more likely to stay in a job for a lifetime.

Because we are passionate campaigners for equal opportunities in the employment market – combating ageism in the workplace is the basis of our company ethos and success. And because our commitment to equal opportunities is well recognised within many employers and by the Government.

Because we understand the terrible implications for a business when a few months down the line the new recruit is not suitable for the role. When this happens you need to go through the whole process all over again – which means we help you avoid a massive waste of good business resources.
If you share our ethos then it makes perfect sense to join up with us to find reliable and high quality employees
by calling us NOW on
020 7329 4044
* Subject to our standard terms of business, and a permanent placement
Why Forties People
We are passionate campaigners for equal opportunities in the employment market – combating ageism in the workplace is the basis of our company ethos and success
Our commitment to equal opportunities has been recognised within the industry and Government
We are proud winners of anti-ageism awards and much media coverage
We’re a family business with a small but strong team, who work closely together, dedicated to doing the job properly
We add real value – for example, we can sit in on interviews to give another perspective, or run workshops to teach your staff how to look for work if you’re making redundancies
We keep in contact without pestering you
Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendation – read what other satisfied clients say about us

“I was interviewed by MD Spencer Jacobs. He was comprehensive, professional and really seemed to care about me. He made it clear that his agency only worked with non-ageist clients who were interested solely in skill sets, not birth dates.”
Diane Chapman
“Forties People is a very professional agency. They ensure candidates’ CVs are both congruent and comprehensive. We use them repeatedly in our search for suitable staff.”
Pauline Henniker, CEO, NATLL
“At last I found an agency that actually did what it said it would do. The recruitment consultants there actually listened – and then they put themselves out to get me work.”
Hester Gilkes


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