About Us

Q Five offers solutions. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re a small business, a larger concern or an individual committed to bettering yourself, come to us. We’ll answer your questions, solve problems you may not even have been aware of yet, and leave you in a far better shape to face the challenges of the twenty first century.

What Do We Do?

It would be quicker to say what we don’t do. We don’t promise miracles, just results, and we don’t make promises we can’t deliver on. We provide consultancy, but consultancy of a depth you’ll find it hard to match elsewhere. We offer training of a type and variety which means it can be tailored to suit every need and we handle recruitment problems with an expertise borne of years of experience and an unrivalled network of contacts and information. We combine a firm grasp of the latest technology with a commitment to old fashioned virtues such as customer service, one on one contact and the personal input which only comes from solid experience in the field.

The solutions we offer are bespoke. No two companies are the same, no two situations exactly alike, and so we allow our clients to tailor the service we offer by combining its’ many different facets – training, recruitment, development – until, working with us, they’ve devised a package that is the perfect fit.

From Top To Toe

From the boardroom to the canteen, we can work with every different part of your business in an attempt to pinpoint exactly what you could do better. In difficult financial times, every advantage counts, and enough ‘little things’, tweaked and altered in unison, can add up to one very big thing – your business performing at peak efficiency.

When we work with you it’s more than just taking on a temporary assistant or part time consultant. It’s as if we’re a part of your organisation, combining total commitment with a clear eyed objectivity which leaves us able to spot the things you might miss in the day to day hurly burly. Our expertise allows us to take a fully strategic overview of how you’re doing things, stepping back and taking note of both the bigger picture and the smaller details.


Organisational Development – Analysing organisational structures throughout your business and setting in place self renewing, self correcting systems.

Operational Learning - Any business is only as good as the people working for it. We make sure you’re people are trained to the absolute peak of their abilities. Where extra help is needed, we provide it. Where potential is going untapped, we ensure it’s unleashed.

Workforce Planning – Ensuring that your staff are deployed in the right number and the right places at the right times.

Develop Leadership Capacity - Working throughout the organisation to create a constructive culture wherein good management is the norm, not an exception.

Recruitment – We match individuals to opportunities and organisations to individuals, in the Middle East and the North Africa, specialising in the fields of Healthcare and Education.


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