Civil Engineer – Job Description

Civil engineers belong to a broad area of engineering that involves a number of specialist disciplines such as structural, environmental, maritime and transportation engineering.

In all civil engineering areas, the work involves liaising with clients and professionals such as architects and planners, using computer modelling software to analyse survey, material-testing and mapping data, determining the environmental impact of a project, preparing tender bids and managing a project both on and off-site once it is given the go-ahead.

Civil engineers usually graduate in civil engineering, either as a BEng after three years or as a MEng after four. Graduating in another engineering or related field does not preclude you from a civil engineering job, but it will take you more time to gain the required qualifications.

Some civil engineers do move up the ladder by starting out as an engineering technician and then learning as they earn to qualify fully.

Many entry-level civil engineers gain a place on a company’s graduate training scheme. These typically run for up to two years.

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