Council Worker – Job Description

Council Worker – Job Description

Council workers work in pretty much every employment sector.

Common council job areas include: admin; education, social work; teaching; police; IT; caring; library services; refuse collection; housing, policy and tourist information.

As the list above is so diverse, a council worker’s duties will vary greatly. Whatever the position, the job will involve serving the community either directly or indirectly while upholding the council’s standards and ethos.

Most jobs, however, will involve a large amount of interaction with council taxpayers who fund your job, so excellent communication and people skills are a must, as is the ability to work under pressure, an eye for detail and organisation.

Having a genuine commitment to the community you are working in is also important.

Some posts will require formal qualifications – you’ll need a relevant degree to teach or work in IT, for instance. Others will be open to someone with GCSEs and some jobs will require nothing more than a commitment to learn on the job.

Gaining relevant training in an area of council work you’re interested in applying for is always a good idea, as is gaining work experience through volunteering or working on temporary placements.

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Other recommended resources:

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School Direct
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National Association of School Teaching Assistants
An organisation aimed at supporting and promoting the work of Teaching Assistants in the UK.

British Association of Social Workers
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National Housing Federation
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Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals
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School Library Association
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Environmental Services Association
An organisation aimed at promoting the waste and resource management industry and its workers, with all the latest news and events.

Police Federation
A staff association for police workers across England and Wales.

Scottish Police Federation
The staff association for police workers in Scotland, across all ranks in the service.

Police Federation NI
The staff association for police workers in Northern Ireland, focused on welfare and efficiency.

Carers UK
The voice for caring sector professionals in the UK, offering the latest industry news and support for carers.

Tourism Society
A professional body for all those working in the visitor economy in the UK.

Association of National Tourist Office Representatives
A organisation promoting and supporting the work of tourist office employees in the UK and abroad.

A trade union for all public service workers, promoting equality and welfare for its members.

National Association of Councillors
An organisation representing elected Local Government Councillors in the UK, offering support and education for those involved in the sector.

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