IT Consultant – Job Description

IT consultants will work with industrial and commercial clients, providing help and advice about their business and IT issues. The work often mirrors that done by systems analysts, designers and applications programmers.

Thorough IT knowledge is a given, IT consultants also need to be meticulous, logical, analytical, great problem-solvers and team workers, and good with people.

IT consultants will determine what is required of an organisation’s information systems and whether those requirements are being met, if at all. They’ll consult with staff, make and present recommendations, design and install new systems and re-train users.

Most IT consultants will be computer studies graduates, although work experience in a particular field is always desirable, as are other relevant qualifications. Graduates without the appropriate experience or qualifications can take a postgraduate IT conversion course.

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Other recommended resources:

British Computer Society (BCS)
Offering a chartered status for IT professionals, the BCS provides a number of qualifications towards continuing professional development. They also strongly support exchange of knowledge and expertise, and membership can get you access to this community of information.

Institute for the Management of Information Systems
Involved in information and research development to support IT professionals, the IMIS also offer a strong education network with links to universities and regarded qualification programmes that cover the spectrum, from providing a foot in the door to continuing professional development.

IEEE Computer Society
A division of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Computer Society provides access to a wealth of information developed through knowledge exchange and research allowing you to keep abreast of latest trends and developments. They also offer some training in addition to networking opportunities through conferences.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers
An organisation for those involved in the development, testing and installation of software and computer systems. Membership gets you access to an enterprising network of professionals, a number of professional services and advice and if you’re a consultant, or considering becoming one, your name goes on their register of consultants which can direct clients to you.

The UK Sector Skills Council for IT, connecting you with the training and qualifications you need to get ahead in the industry.

National Skills Academy for IT
A portal to short and long courses, apprenticeship schemes and information about careers, standards and systems. Great for figuring out if IT consultancy is the job for you and how you can get there.

Offering certification to help you progress to management level and stay at the height of your game when you get there, CompTIA are a great association to be a part of during your network career.

Tech Republic
A blog resource aimed at connecting IT professionals with the latest news, trends and developments in the IT world allowing consultants to make informed decisions and, for anyone interested in getting into the job, evidence of industry awareness.

Information Week
A digital magazine bringing the latest in IT news relevant to business and enterprise, offering IT professionals the opportunity to pick out the top new developments that could help the company they work within/for.

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