Production Managers – Job Description

Production managers – also known as operations managers – work on the planning, control and co-ordination of the manufacturing process.

They are responsible for ensuring the efficient production of goods and services in the correct volume, tackling issues such as cost control and quality assurance along the way.

The scale of the job is dependent on the production system, which could be specialised or mass. A number of firms do not concentrate on a single production system, making the manager’s job that much more complex.

As a general rule, production managers are responsible for both material and human resources and typical tasks would include drawing up production schedules to a deadline and budget, monitoring the production process to ensure efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness, reviewing the performance of both staff and machinery, liaising with other relevant departments, working on the training needs of the workforce and ensuring their health and safety.

Because production managers work on both planning and control of the production process, key attributes will include the ability to think both strategically and creatively. Excellent people and time-management skills are also vital, as are good maths and IT skills.

In smaller firms, production managers are often also involved in product purchasing and design, so flexible all-rounders make good production managers.

A degree is the way into the job. What that degree is rather depends on the sector you are aiming for.

Generally, an engineering, business, management, science or technology degree is both relevant and desirable.

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