Relationship Manager – Job Description

Relationship managers might sound like marriage guidance counsellors, but they’re actually the ultimate in customer service that a bank can offer.

Banks are always looking to promote their human side, and that’s what relationship managers are. They meet potential new clients and help existing ones manage their accounts and their money effectively. The job involves keeping up to speed with the latest regulations and the newest products and being always on the look-out for ways to land a new sale.

Great listening and communication skills (especially when explaining complex issues simply), good negotiation and sales ability, maths, IT, research and analysis skills and honesty and attention to detail are all key requirements.

Entry-level requirements only stretch to a minimum of five good GCSEs (grades A to C), IT proficiency and some financial sector experience.

Keeping up to date with changes to financial services is a given, as is a sound knowledge of banking regulations and procedures.

Having a degree in a relevant subject such as business or accountancy will give you a leg up, but anyone providing financial advice to a client will need to have a Certificate in Financial Planning and/or a Certificate for Financial Advisers.

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