Restaurant Manager – Job description

Restaurant managers aren’t always working at the coal face, front-of-house in an establishment. Generally speaking, the bigger the operation, the more likely the manager is to be found in his or her office.

But the responsibilities are much the same. Typical work involves recruitment, training and supervision of staff, budgeting, menu-planning, keeping all the records required of a business, overseeing stock levels and ordering supplies, taking reservations, greeting customers, handling staff rotas…the list is as long as the waiting list for this year’s must-visit restaurant.

Sound business sense, good people skills (for both customers and staff), numeracy, patience, flexibility and a thorough knowledge of the restaurant and hospitality industry are all vital requirements.

Having all the attributes listed above, plus experience in the sector, are just as important as formal qualifications. But there are plenty of those as well, including HNDs or degrees in business studies, hospitality management and hotel and catering. A mix of qualifications and practical experience in hotels, restaurants or customer service roles will make you decidedly employable.

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Other recommended resources:

Institute of Hospitality
A professional body for managers in the field of hospitality, they offer a number of career development, education and networking opportunities. They also offer a HAVE work experience scheme for students.

British Hospitality Association
A UK trade association for the hospitality industry, they include a Restaurant Association sub-division representing the interests of restauranteurs and managers. They also offer workshop events and networking opportunities for its members.

Academy of Food and Wine Services
The professional body for front-of-house service. Whilst some managers may not quite qualify as front-of-house, this resource is useful for keeping updated on the latest industry information. They also offer training opportunities which may appeal to those who manage staff.

Big Hospitality
An online magazine resource for members of the hospitality trades, including the latest industry news and information. They also offer a ‘Your Business’ section which provides articles and support for managing a hospitality business.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association
An organisation supporting restaurants to become more sustainable serving both environmental and profitable goals. Their online resource host a sustainability rating system for diners and information about sustainability in the restaurant trade. This is useful for those interested in environmental principles, in addition to those wishing to widen their perspective.

People 1st
The Sector Skills Council for the hospitality trade, People 1st offer a wide range of training and career development opportunities for restaurant managers amongst other professionals.

Eat Out Magazine
An online magazine resource based on a customer-facing perspective but useful for keeping in the loop with new developments, the latest trends and reviews.

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson is CEO of Simon is a recruitment professional that pioneers the usage of video in recruitment and fully committed to helping young people find employment.