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Chefs are everywhere, from takeaways to television studios, pubs to palaces, cafes to cruise ships. Long hours are a fact of life, as is relatively low pay unless you’re a Michelin-starred gastro-king, but there are a lot of jobs out there.

Chefs are the boss of any kitchen. They devise menus, make sure the kitchen is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, order stock and negotiate for best price, hire and fire kitchen staff and do whatever it takes for the customers to leave happy and return hungry for more. Oh, and they cook sometimes as well.

But nobody walks into a kitchen, dons a chef’s hat and starts barking out the orders without proving themselves first. So you’ll start as a commis chef – the lowest of the cooking low.

Commis chefs do all the day-to-day preparation and low-grade cooking work for the senior chefs. It’s gruelling and often repetitive work, but also a brilliant grounding and real hands-on experience at the sharp end.

Commis chefs normally get rotated through all the kitchen’s different areas, so one day you’ll be working on sauces, the next vegetables, another pastries and so on.  You’ll learn about health, hygiene and safety, how to prepare ingredients for the different teams, help with the measurement of portion sizes and the delivery of supplies. And you’ll be honing your cooking skills as you go.

Working as a commis chef is, basically, an earn as you learn apprenticeship, but there are a number of NVQs (and the occasional degree) to be had in catering, health and safety and food hygiene.

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The British Food Trust Triple A Award
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